Spinelli Kilcollin

Indulge in luxury with Spinelli Kilcollin's exquisite pieces. Designed by Yves Spinelli and Dwyer Kilcollin, each item is conceptual and versatile, crafted with fine materials by skilled artisans in LA. Experience the clean and innovative universe of Spinelli Kilcollin, available at exclusive boutiques worldwide.
Spinelli Kilcollin
Virgo Pave HB
Regular price$3,750
Spinelli Kilcollin
Phantom SK Gold
Regular price$5,600
Spinelli Kilcollin
Libra MX Petite
Regular price$5,900
Spinelli Kilcollin
Iris Ring
Regular price$3,600
Spinelli Kilcollin
Stella Mx Ring
Regular price$8,600

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