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De Bethune: The Art of Watchmaking

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Twenty years ago, De Bethune earned its place in the exclusive watchmaking world. Co-founder Denis Flageollet's creativity, melding traditional craftsmanship with modern design, made the brand stand out. His goal has been chronometric perfection. De Bethune has created thirty in-house movements emphasizing mechanical simplicity. Its collection of pieces is extendable and evolving, utilizing groundbreaking materials. The company's yearly output is small (between 150-250 watches, costing $45K-$300K) making it one of the rarest brands around. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, De Bethune is widely praised and has become iconic, thanks in part to Arthur Touchot’s work, Wei Koh’s foreword, and contributions from other watch industry figures. Denis Flageollet has made an indelible mark on the timekeeping world. Owning a De Bethune watch makes for a timeless legacy.

  • 220 pages
  • over 100 illustrations
  • English language
  • Released in January 2023
  • W 12.6 x L 15 x D 1.9 in
  • Silk hardcover with hand painted edges in slipcase with a die-cut window
  • ISBN: 9781649801555
  • 7.72 lbs.


De Bethune: The Art of Watchmaking

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